My introduction to WordPress

Posted on Jul.14, 2010 by

So this is my first experience using the WordPress blog engine.  I’m not typically the kind of person who likes to blog about my day, but I have had an interest in being a webmaster for some time.  That being said, this is mainly my experiment to see how easy it is to use modern tools to create an attractive website.  Why?  Partly because it has been a hobby in my past, bust mostly because I’ve been contemplating on re-designing my bands website:

To be honest, I find it amazing how much things have changed since 6 years ago when I was the webmaster for my band at the time’s website (Artificial Reason).  Back in the day I write every page in Microsoft’s Notepad even when I was programming in JavaScript and PHP.  Fast forward half a decade and there’s a ‘one-click’ install that offers an easy web interface & database tie-in for complicated blog websites.

Well, I can’t promise how often I’ll update this page, but I certainly plan on using it as my personal laboratory.  Off to bed for now, then off to find some WordPress add-ons.