Getting back into gear

Posted on Oct.25, 2011 by

imageIt’s been over a year since my last update but I’m hoping to change that. Have I said this before? Well yeah, numerous times in fact but this time I have a serious motivator. I’m currently working with a buddy of mine, Jason, and we hope to seriously start designing & coding websites. That’s when it hit me, who would pay for me to code their websites when mine is incomplete & not updated? So there you go!

For any of you who remember, when I tried to create a website for myself 10-15 years ago I used the name ‘The Nexus’. While I found it cool because of the geek reference to the energy ribbon in the Star Trek: Generations movie, Google also found it to be a cool name and started using it for their flagship cell phones. Needless to say, I have dropped that name and decided to stick with my main identifier: WalkerNA.

I’m sure those of you who know me are a bit confused by the picture. Say ‘Hi!’ to Blu, Deena’s pup! I needed a photo for my testing and he made the cut. 🙂