Getting back into gear

Posted on Oct.25, 2011 by

imageIt’s been over a year since my last update but I’m hoping to change that. Have I said this before? Well yeah, numerous times in fact but this time I have a serious motivator. I’m currently working with a buddy of mine, Jason, and we hope to seriously start designing & coding websites. That’s when it hit me, who would pay for me to code their websites when mine is incomplete & not updated? So there you go!

For any of you who remember, when I tried to create a website for myself 10-15 years ago I used the name ‘The Nexus’. While I found it cool because of the geek reference to the energy ribbon in the Star Trek: Generations movie, Google also found it to be a cool name and started using it for their flagship cell phones. Needless to say, I have dropped that name and decided to stick with my main identifier: WalkerNA.

I’m sure those of you who know me are a bit confused by the picture. Say ‘Hi!’ to Blu, Deena’s pup! I needed a photo for my testing and he made the cut. 🙂

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Live Band Karaoke!

For those of you who do not know, Thursday has become the ceremonial “Live Band Karaoke” at Paddy Whack’s on 2nd & South Street. Technical V has been hosting this now for a few years. It has it’s ups and downs, but all in all is a good time. For anyone who cares, I recommend coming out some time!

My introduction to WordPress

So this is my first experience using the WordPress blog engine.  I’m not typically the kind of person who likes to blog about my day, but I have had an interest in being a webmaster for some time.  That being said, this is mainly my experiment to see how easy it is to use modern tools to create an attractive website.  Why?  Partly because it has been a hobby in my past, bust mostly because I’ve been contemplating on re-designing my bands website: To be honest, I find it amazing how much things have changed since 6 years ago [Read more]